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ECMAScript Internationalization test402 ECMAScript.org

What is test402?

test402 is a test suite intended to check agreement between JavaScript implementations and the ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification. The test suite contains many individual tests, each of which tests some specific requirements of the ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification.

What is the ECMAScript Internationalization API?

The ECMAScript Internationalization API is a complement to the ECMAScript Language Specification, 5.1 edition. It enables internationalization of JavaScript applications by providing collation (string comparison), number formatting, and date and time formatting, and lets applications choose the language and tailor the functionality to their needs. The ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification 1.0 was approved as an official Ecma standard by the Ecma General Assembly in December 2012. The ECMAScript Internationalization 1.0 standard is available in PDF, HTML, and EPUB versions from the Ecma International web site.

What is ECMAScript?

"ECMAScript" is the name under which the language more commonly known as "JavaScript" is standardized. Development of the ECMAScript standard is the responsibility of Technical Committee 39 (TC39) of Ecma International. The ECMAScript Language Specification standard is officially known as ECMA-262. ECMAScript 5.1 (or just ES5.1) is short hand for the "ECMA-262, 5.1 Edition ECMAScript Language Specification" the official name of the current edition of the standard. ECMAScript 5.1 was approved as an official Ecma standard by the Ecma General Assembly in June 2011. The ECMAScript 5.1 standard is available in PDF and HTML versions from the Ecma International web site.

Who creates and maintains test402?

Development of test402 is a project of Ecma TC39. The testing framework and individual tests are created by member organizations of TC39 and contributed to Ecma for use in test402. For more information about how test402 is developed and maintained click the “Development” tab at the top of this page.

What is the status of test402?

test402 is very very very incomplete. It is still undergoing active development.

Where can I find out more?

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section on the ECMAScript Wiki.

Running the Tests

Click the “Run” tab at the top of this page for instructions and follow the instructions to run the tests.


Test402 is being developed by the members of Ecma TC39. Ecma's intellectual property policies permit only Ecma members to directly contribute code to the project. However, a public mailing list is used to coordinate development of test402 and its sibling test262. If you wish to participate in the discussion please subscribe. Bug reports and suggestions should be sent to the mailing list.

Please click on the Run All button to run all the tests. Once you start the test you may pause the test anytime by clicking on the Pause button. You can click on the Results tab once the test is completed or after pausing the test. The Reset button is for restarting the test run. You may run individual tests by clicking the Run button next to the tests listed below. If you wish to run several chapters in sequence, but not the entire test suite, click the Select button for the chapters you wish to run and then click the Run Selected button.

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